Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom Certificate

Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom Certificate

Every student a teacher has the pleasure of instructing possesses a unique background, cultural identity, home life, learning style, and personality. These notable differences are part of what makes our country and education system so diverse and fascinating. Understanding how to teach these distinctions is what allows educators to magnify a student’s comprehension and abilities. To do this, educators must learn how to bridge the gaps between culture, language, social customs, and other differences to support their students. Furthermore, some of these students may have a hard time fitting in with their peers or meeting teacher expectations because they have only just arrived in the United States and do not understand social customs. A compassionate and educated approach will solidify the transformation between students just squeaking by and students reaching their full potential in their classes and social interactions. 

It is not solely the culturally diverse or the English Language Learner who will benefit from an educator well-versed in multicultural instruction. Educators with the tools and knowledge of teaching in a multicultural environment can help all their students become more aware and empathetic towards those from different backgrounds. Instilling the vital skills of appropriate social behavior and appreciation for those different from ourselves will pave the way to foster caring and loving environments. Lessons in a multicultural curriculum will better equip students to accept the differences of others as they grow into adulthood. 

To help meet the many yet rewarding challenges of teaching students from diverse backgrounds, Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne offers the 15-semester credit Certificate Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom. The courses offered within this certificate will prepare K-12 educators with the resources they need to adjust and perfect their instruction to reach all learners. 


Benefits of the Certificate Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom

The Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom Certificate can be completed by any K-12 educator, administrator, or other school professionals. The curriculum is relevant, up-to-date, and self-paced for busy working educational professionals. 

All classes offered within this certificate are independent study, written in user-friendly language, and accessible online or via an emailed PDF format. Students will also earn graduate, non-degree semester credit from every course completed. Each of the many certificates offered by Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne is an acknowledgment of the extra effort you have invested in improving your professional skills while enhancing your learning environment. Earning a certificate from an accredited university can potentially boost your professional career by helping you meet qualifications for promotions, salary advancement, or license renewal/recertification*. 

*Note, the University of La Verne is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Certificates offered by Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne are not designed to fulfill specific district or state requirements. Students are advised to check with their school district or state department of education before enrolling in a course. 

When K-12 educators and school administrators enroll in courses applicable towards a certificate, they will experience the flexibility and convenience of enrolling in independent-study courses while earning graduate, non-degree semester credit for an accredited university. Students will also find that they can enroll in the required 15-semester credits at once or take courses one at a time to work towards their certificate. There is no deadline for earning a certificate.  

Each 15-semester credit certificate program features an extensive list of current three-semester credit courses. Professional Development Courses encourage students to finish as many certificates as they need. However, each applicable course may only be applied towards one certificate, even if that course is relevant towards more than one certificate. 


Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom Certificate Course Offerings

The 15-semester credit Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom Certificate currently includes the following courses:

The Multicultural Classroom: This course covers topics such as second language learners, equality in classroom assessment, multicultural curriculum strategies, and the relationship between culture and social behavior. 

Creating a Mindful Environment: The mindful individual understands how to experience the world in the present, is open to new information, and is aware that situations can be viewed from more than one perspective. This course covers the concept of mindfulness in many real-life situations and within the context of academic instruction. 

Teaching the Latino Student: Enhancing cross-cultural communication, understanding differences between home culture and school culture, and increasing parent involvement are just a few of the many topics covered in this timely course. 

The Differentiated Classroom: Dividing time and resources to effectively instruct students of diverse backgrounds, readiness levels, skill levels, and ways of learning is one of the most difficult challenges faced by educators. By focusing on research, theory, and examples, this course will help educators bridge this gap to meet the needs of all students. 

Achieving Success for English Language Learners: This course will focus on modern strategies for the K-12 teacher to enhance the learning of English Language Learners. Presented in a user-friendly format, students will learn a wide range of effective teaching strategies to help English Language Learners understand content materials as they develop their speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.  

How the ELL Brain Learns: Brain mechanisms for language learning are presented and referenced throughout the text for a broad understanding of how English Language Learners acquire language. Upon completing this course, students will understand the amount of effort ELLs exert to master course content and which teaching methods should be applied to meet their specific needs. 


How to Register

All the courses applicable to the Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom Certificate can be completed online or through an emailed PDF format. They are open to anyone to register at any time during each semester. After completing each course, students will earn graduate, non-degree semester credit on an official transcript from the University of La Verne. Once the required 15-semester credits are completed, students will automatically receive their mailed Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom Certificate at no additional cost beyond the course’s cost. No application is required.  

Registration for classes is fast and straightforward and can be done online or over the phone. Courses are offered on a rolling basis during three semesters, and you may begin as soon as you are ready!  

The Semester dates are: 

Fall: September 1 – January 31

Spring: February 1 – May 31

Summer: June 1 – August 31

Once you have earned the Certificate Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom, you will be ready to tackle any curveball or situation that comes your way. Enroll now to transform your classroom into a multicultural environment where all your students will thrive!


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