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Professional Development Certificate Program

Certificate Name Requirement  
1. Art History and Appreciation for the Classroom 15 units required More Information
2. Basic Biology for the Classroom 15 units required More Information
3. Contemporary World History and Politics 15 units required More Information
4. Early American History for the Classroom 15 units required More Information
5. Health and Human Development 15 units required More Information
6. Inclusive Classroom Teaching 15 units required More Information
7. Integrating Technology into the Classroom 15 units required More Information
8. Literature for the Classroom 15 units required More Information
9. Motivation and Classroom Management 15 units required More Information
10. School Culture and Violence 15 units required More Information
11. Teaching in the Multi-Cultural Classroom 15 units required More Information
12. World History 15 units required More Information

In addition to receiving graduate level, non-degree semester credits, students may now earn Professional Development Certificates related to curricula content, classroom management, and teaching strategies. The Professional Development Certificate Program is primarily designed for classroom teachers and school administrators and is part of the University’s continuing effort to provide lifelong learning opportunities for educational professionals throughout the United States. The Certificate is an acknowledgement of the extra effort put forth by our students to enhance the classroom learning environment and to improve professional skills and knowledge.

  • Each Certificate has a list of courses that qualify for that specific Certificate.
  • Students must successfully complete at least 15 semester credits (only Grades of A or B) from the course list for each Certificate.
  • Students can achieve multiple Certificates, but courses are only applicable for the designated Certificate, i.e., courses only apply to one Certificate and cannot be interchanged for other Certificates.
  • Courses previously completed by students with a grade of A or B will be applicable for Certificates in the category in which they have been approved.
  • Students may enroll in courses singularly or in multiples, but enrollment cannot exceed 15 semester credit hours within any one semester.
  • Courses must be completed within one year of enrollment, but there is no deadline for obtaining a Certificate.
  • Once the student has fulfilled all the Certificate requirements they may request a Certificate by completing the Certificate Request Form.
  • There is no charge for the Certificate, as the University is pleased to recognize your accomplishment.
Professional Development Certificates are not designed to fulfill any specific district or state requirements.

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