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Military Leaders: Strategies and Philosophies

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"War is Hell!" These infamous words from General William T. Sherman say it all. Even though man wishes otherwise, conflict is a fact of life; and too often it escalates into war. It is also true that within these controversies certain leaders emerge into the forefront. Their cultural and educational backgrounds may differ, but each understands the importance of strategic thinking that encompasses the political, economic, military and social issues at stake. This course focuses on the dynamic military leaders and their philosophies about strategic thinking and the art of war.

Educational professionals of all grade levels will benefit from the outstanding research conducted by Gerard Chaliand, an internationally known specialist on war, strategy, and military leaders, whose resume includes Harvard, the Ecole Superieure de Guerre, University of Montreal, Meiji University, and Berkeley. His engrossing anthology is a vast collection of militarists' biographical information which includes a remarkable collection of some of their writings. This all-encompassing list of strategists includes Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Machiavelli, Clausewitz, Rommel, Lawrence of Arabia, Gandhi, and Robert E. Lee. The result is an integration of the annals of military thought beginning with antiquity to the nuclear age that provides a large framework for our understanding of our global political history. These military leaders and their writings include ancient and modern Europe, China, Byzantium, Persia, the Ottoman Empire, and the Arab world. Through this extensive study of war and military leaders, Chaliand shows the competition between land and sea powers; conflicts between Christianity and Islam; and the struggles between nomadic and sedentary peoples. Included is information on how the various inventions and improvements of firepower, weaponry, communication, and transportation, as well as organizational and strategic concepts, impact how war is waged. It is through this valuable information and insight that our narrow perspective opens up to have a better understanding of the conduct of war. 

This vital, modern-day course offers an accurate and easily-accessible reference tool, written in plain English. Included is crucial information on the strategy of war and the military leaders who embody it. This timely and comprehensive overview is a much-needed resource where you will not only benefit from the knowledge, but you will be anxious to share your information and insight on this nature of society with your students.

a. Understand global political history from an integration of the annals of military thought that includes writings from ancient and modern Europe, China, Byzantium, the Arab world, Persia, and the Ottoman Empire
b. Learn about the backgrounds and philosophies on war and strategy from the prominent and lesser-known military leaders from the time of antiquity to the nuclear age
c. Gain further insight about the competition and conduct of war between land and sea powers; various types of civil and religious wars; and the struggles between nomadic and sedentary peoples
d. Benefit from the widening of the often narrow perspective on conflicts and strategic action and how it impacts the universal conduct of war
e. Learn how improvements in firepower, weaponry, communication, and transportation have impacted how war is waged
f. Focus on the extraordinary life and legends of Napoleon; and learn why one of the most prominent military strategist is a figure whose life is riddled with contradictions
g. Understand the value of strategic action and open communication while dealing with conflicts; particularly in the nuclear age

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*World History

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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