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Middle Ages: Shedding Light on the Dark Ages

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Semester Credits: 3
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Knights in shining armor, castles, kings, witches, and dungeons, these are some of the vivid images of the Middle Ages. But, it is so much more. This course transports you back in time to this thousand year period of history between the splendor of Rome and the Renaissance that is formerly known as the Dark Ages. But after recent investigations, it has come to light that it is not a "dark" historical time at all, but a diverse and fascinating age that is filled with grand as well as miserable episodes, just like any other period of history. Beginning in 500 A.D. until 1400 A.D., capture the drama and heritage of the Middle Ages, including its pageantry, misery, mysteries, poverty, glories, and warfare, all of which lay the foundation for the Renaissance. Focus particular attention on the life and legacies of Charlemagne, who plays a pivotal role as the Father of Europe; the structure and lifestyle within the Feudal System; power of the Papacy; the role of the Crusades; dominance of supernatural beliefs; savageness of war; and the major role of the church in daily life. Through all of this, you relive the daily anguish, challenges, joys, and sorrows that serve as a testament to the people's fortitude.

It is through the exploration of the Middle Ages one realizes that so much of what
we are familiar with today came into being at this time. The mysteries, magic, and drama of this incredibly dynamic period of time will be bought to life with such vibrancy that you will be anxious to share this distinct civilization with your students.

a. Obtain a behind the scenes understanding of the life and legacy of Charlemagne, Father of Europe, including his political, cultural, academic, religious, administrative, judicial, economic, and military contributions.
b. Understand the major role that the church throughout this period.
c. Learn how people survive within the Feudal System, including how diet, disease, overpopulation, illiteracy, war, and servitude impact their lives.
d. Relive the birth of the Office of the Papacy and understand its power.
e. Obtain an understanding of the impact of continuous savage wars.
f. Gain insight into this age of mysteries, of supernatural beliefs, witchcraft and fortuneteller, and comprehend how the stars had a peculiar power over the human body.
g. Understand the Crusades including its positive and negative contributions.
h. Gain an appreciation of the social, political, and cultural legacies of the knights including their training, pageantry, ethics, codes, and strategies.
i. Understand how the ideas for the concepts of states, nations, universities, and parliament came into being; as well as one for a unified Europe.
j. Learn how the Bubonic Plague or Black Death devastates a population along with other diseases in an age without medicine.
k. Understand how the diverse and dynamic contributions of the Middle Ages lay the foundation for the Renaissance.

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*World History

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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