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Cyber Bullying:Strategies for Balance and Safety

Course #: EDUC_716L

Semester Credits: 3
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Today we live in a wired culture that is filled with a wealth of information at all
levels; but this electronic bounty carries potential hazards as well, that includes cyber bullying. This course provides an easy-to-understand introduction on cyber kids, cyber bullying, and cyber balance; and how to deal with this technology-driven culture as it relates to students. It emphasizes prevention, assessment, and intervention as well as evaluation. In addition, it provides a proactive guide for busy educational professionals that offers techniques, reproducible materials, activities, and legal guidelines to help today's tech-savvy students make balanced choices about using technology in ways that boost student learning, improve school climate, and prevent cyber bullying.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, or educational consultant, you will benefit from the outstanding research and experience of the highly-respected counselor education experts, Barbara C. Trolley, Ph. D., Constance Hanel, and Vanessa Rogers. Through their extensive backgrounds, they offer recommendations for prevention and intervention of cyber kids, cyber bullying, and cyber balance. It is presented in a clear, programmatic way that includes real-life stories, which dramatically illustrate both the dangers and benefits of technology, that will better equip you to help your students succeed in today's wired culture both in and out of school. Educators will benefit from this practical information that contains an abundance of reproducible materials including student assessments, incident reports, activities, and school evaluations. In addition, the course consists of legal guidelines that incorporate an acceptable use policy.

This comprehensive course offers an accurate and accessible reference tool, written in plain English, which gives the education professional the accessible and proactive strategies they need to assist students and their families dealing with today's wired culture. This timely and comprehensive overview of cyber kids, cyber bullying, and cyber balance are presented in such a user-friendly and insightful format that you will not only benefit from the knowledge, but will be anxious to put this information into practice within your classroom, subject area, and/or school.

a. Gain insight and an understanding about today's wired culture which
includes an emphasis on prevention, assessment, evaluation, and intervention in order to help busy educators offer techniques for helping today's tech-savvy students make balanced choices and stay safe.
b. Understand the benefits and potential hazards associated with online
activities, most notably cyber bullying, through dramatic real-life scenarios.
c. Benefit from the practical charts and activities that include identifying
cyber bullying warning signs, appropriate responses, keywords, and an internet safety profile.
d. Learn methods about technology that advance learning and significantly
reduce cyber bullying while improving the school climate.
e. Gain a true understanding that as access to digital communication grows,
methods of cyber bullying become more sophisticated; and that victims can be targeted with little effort and minimal costs, leading to widespread concerns about how children and young people can stay safe in a technology-driven world.
f. Absorb information and benefit from the legal guidelines that include an
acceptable use policy and online protocols.
g. Benefit from extensive information about legal issues on student online
speech that incorporates the First Amendment, responses to off-campus speech, challenges to school policy, potential threats, on-campus speech issues, school liability, parental liability, and criminal violations.
h. Gain insight from the questions ideal for further reflection and group study
i. Understand the vital role that parents play in the need for, and maintenance
of, proper cyber balance.
j. Benefit from the abundance of reproducibles, including student
assessments, incident reports, and school evaluations.
k. Gain insight and an understanding from the various interventions and
projects that are clearly described that will help children and teens make safe decisions in the digital world that includes texting, twittering, and social networking.
l. Absorb information about the importance of helping students and their
families attain a proper cyber balance to help them succeed in and out of the classroom.

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*School Culture and Violence

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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