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Psychology of Sport and Exercise

Course #: EDUC_715O

Semester Credits: 3
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This course is designed to acquaint you with field-tested psychological approaches to enhance individual and team performance. It will also examine the influence of psychological factors on performance in sport. Some of the topics covered include motivation, goals, competitive drive, overtraining, concentration, imagery, leadership, teamwork, coaching, injuries, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

a. Describe the historical and theoretical development of sport psychology.
b. Be aware of the special stressors affecting athletes in competitive sport environments.
c. Be familiar with the research methods used in sport psychology and know the resources available in the field.
d. Be capable of describing the different populations studied in sport psychology, including children, senior athletes, women in sport, athletes with disabilities, athletes from minority populations, professional athletes, and recreational athletes.
e. Be familiar with the research on the most important psychological processes involved in sports performance: goal setting, anxiety, anger, concentration, and imagery.
f. Understand and describe the major psychological theories used in sport psychology to explain athletic performance.
g. Be familiar with the research on the most important interpersonal processes involved in sport performance: leadership, teamwork, coaching, and communication.
h. Know the special problems most frequently encountered in elite sports and how sport psychologists intervene in these issues, including injury, eating disorders, substance abuse, and overtraining.
i. Be familiar with the literature on what qualities make a sport psychology consultant effective, what roles a sport psychologist plays in the sports medicine and sport science team, and what training and education are required of sport psychologists.

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*Sports Psychology and Coaching

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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