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Ancient Greece

Course #: EDUC_712R

Semester Credits: 3
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Ancient Greece, the cradle and crucible of Western civilization, saw perhaps the most spectacular flourishing of imagination and achievement in recorded history.  Their story is presented in this course from its earliest beginnings until modern times.  The Greeks built an empire that stretched across the Mediterranean from Asia to Spain.  They laid the foundations for modern politics, science, medicine, philosophy, theater, athletics, and produced some of the most breathtaking art and architecture the world has ever seen.  This course traces the rise, glory, demise and legacy of the empire that marked the ascent of Western civilization.

From mythology to modern history, the progression of “the glory that was Greece” is traced through the use of a text and projects.  This intellectual journey takes us from Troy to Athens through the Persian Wars to Alexander the Great to the coming of Rome and Christianity to modern times. Emphasis is placed on the importance of ancient Greece’s contributions to the progression of world culture, institutions, and the human experience.

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*World History

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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