Recognizing Gifted Girls in the Classroom

Recognizing Gifted Girls in the Classroom

Nuances exist in every child’s educational development. There are also a vast multitude of factors that can and do impact the ways children learn and process information in a classroom environment, including their home background, biopsychology, and personal character. For gifted and talented children, this is even more true. The presence of higher ability can often necessitate a shift in the means of teaching these children. Gifted and talented children usually require a much more rigorous curriculum and challenging teaching style that promotes a cerebral approach and exploratory thinking on all fronts.

When the gifted or talented child is a girl, teachers need to seek out and empower the student in meaningful ways. In a society in which the learning power and potential of these students are often ignored or underinvested, teachers can make all the difference in the lives of gifted and talented students, especially girls. Teachers who commit to celebrating and lifting these gifted and talented girls are doing a tremendous service not only to these students but to the educational community as a whole.


Benefits of Enrolling in Teaching Gifted and Talented Girls

Students who enroll in Teaching Gifted and Talented Girls through Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne will gain a thorough understanding of the myths, science, and relevant topics surrounding the teaching of gifted children in the classroom, especially as they pertain to female students. The course will examine the pedagogy and theory behind teaching gifted and talented girls, and enrollees will develop strategies and mechanisms to teach these young ladies effectively. The course will examine the role that gender plays in classroom situations, including in the teaching process itself. Those who enroll in Teaching Gifted and Talented Girls will leave with an intrinsic understanding of the means through which differences in both gender and learning ability show themselves in the classroom.

By taking the time to understand and internalize the factors and prospects that affect the education of gifted and talented students, educators who enroll in this course will develop the skills necessary to ensure a quality classroom experience for all. Understanding the myths and realities of gifted education allows educators to build a curriculum to serve gifted and talented students, as well as the nuances involved in teaching gifted girls. The course brings familiarity to the biological and psychological aspects of gifted education and how these topics specifically apply to girls. Additionally, the course explores the impact of extraneous factors on the instruction of gifted and talented children, such as upbringing, culture, and familial situations. Educators completing this course will also see examples of gifted and talented women that can serve as models to these young gifted and talented girls.

Successful completion of this course will not only greatly benefit your students, but it can have a positive and lasting impact on your career. All of the courses offered at Professional Development Courses help working professionals leverage their new skills towards salary advancement, license renewal, or recertification. Each district and state has its own policies regarding course approval. Before enrolling in a course, check with your school district or department of education. Teaching Gifted and Talented Girls can also be applied towards Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne's 15-credit Inclusive Classroom Teaching certificate.

 With so many reasons to sign up, it’s time to take a look at what you’ll be learning!


Topics Covered in Teaching Gifted and Talented Girls

Teaching Gifted and Talented Girls, offered through Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne, was created specifically for K-12 teachers. It is designed to complement a busy schedule and can be completed in an online or PDF via email format. All offerings through Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne are open for anyone to register at any time during an open semester. Students earn graduate, non-degree semester credit, reflected on an official transcript from the university. Topics included in this highly sought-after course include:

  • Overview of studies related to giftedness in girls
  • Smart girls
  • Leaders of tomorrow
  • Eminent women
  • Biology and psychology of giftedness
  • Success as adults
  • Family patterns
  • Adolescence
  • Barriers to achievement
  • Gifted minority girls and women
  • Specific extraordinary talents


How to Register

Registration is simple and can be done online or over the phone. Courses are offered ongoing during three semesters, and enrollees may begin at any time. Students may choose to enroll in up to a maximum of 15-semester credits at any time during an open semester.

Fall: September 1 - January 31

Spring: February 1 - May 31

Summer: June 1 - August 31

No matter which semester best fits your lifestyle, we are confident that your experience in this course will be a tremendous resource, a professional advantage, and a measurable way of reaching each student in your classroom. Register now to begin the process and help empower your gifted and talented students to succeed!



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