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Suicide, Self Injury and School Violence Prevention

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Semester Credits: 3
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Childhood and adolescence are times of innocence and light, but for some it is one of darkness. Although no one is ever fully prepared to address the subject of suicide, it is through this course that educational professionals will be better equipped to deal with this dark side. Unfortunately, suicide is an action that affects hundreds of thousands of U.S. students every year, and it is the third leading cause of death among teens and young adults. In the past two decades alone, this rate has doubled. It is a public health problem that mostly affects youth from the ages of ten to twenty-four, however, because it is such a growing epidemic, it is one that needs to be addressed at a far younger age. Because self-injury and school violence are often related, these topics are addressed as well. With all of this information, educational professionals can put in place preventative and response policies and procedures for the safety and protection of students and faculty.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, or educational consultant, you will benefit from the outstanding research and experience of the highly-respected doctors and counseling educational experts, Gerald A. Juhnke, Ed. D., Darcy Haag Granello, Ph.D., and Paul F. Granello, Ph.D. Through the extensive research of these nationally renowned experts on suicide, self-injury, and violence among children and adolescents, they have created the first book to provide first responders ' specifically, school counselors, psychologist, social workers, teachers and administrators ' with information on assessing risk. In addition, they have included guidelines as to how to respond to these life threatening and highly emotional crises in a practical and provocative manner that minimizes risk and/or impact on the school community.

This vital course for educational professionals of all grade levels offers an accurate and accessible reference tool, written in plain English that is filled with mini-case vignettes, as well as checklists for school personnel. Included is crucial information on suicide and suicidal behaviors for youth, pertinent issues related to self-injury behaviors, guidance on dealing with violent and potentially violent students and their families, prevention and screening topics, and psychological first aid methods in response to school violence. This timely and comprehensive overview of suicide, self-injury, and school violence is a much-needed resource where you will not only benefit from the knowledge, but you will be anxious to establish a collaborative, non-suicidal, non-violent environment within your classroom, subject area, and/or school.

a. Understand the risk factors at play regarding these vital topics including the biological, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and environmental ones
b. Benefit as these experts walk educators through complex mental health world that includes suicide, self-injury, acts of violence and rage, depression, suicidal thoughts, and helplessness affecting students
c. Understand the pertinent issues related to nonsuicidal self-injury behaviors
d. Learn about how to conduct effective face-to-face clinical interviews with violent and potentially violent students and their families
e. Gain insight on psychological first aid in response to school violence survivors and their parents
f. Understand the importance of prevention and screening topics
g. Learn about triggering conditions and warning signs in order to implement preventative measures and/or take necessary actions regarding them
h. Absorb information about difficult transition times affecting students
i. Understand the factors behind the acts of violence and rage at the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings and the larger issue of teen mental illness
j. Understand the many myths surrounding these vital topics
k. Learn the alarming statistics affecting children and youth beginning as early as age ten; and the importance of pro-active measures long before it

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*School Culture and Violence

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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