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RTI and RTI2: Revitalizing K-12

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Semester Credits: 3
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Response to intervention. This is RTI and RTI2. These enlightening transformers are hot topics in education and are a much needed breath of fresh air in K-12 academia. RTI and RTI2 are some of the most remarkable educational strategies ever developed. Each is revolutionizing schools in the U.S. by helping students succeed, academically and behaviorally, in ways that no other legislation has ever done. It is a win-win for students, schools, and the future of America.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, or educational consultant, you will benefit from the outstanding research and experience of the highly-respected education experts, Marlyn Appelbaum, Ph. D., Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., and Nancy Frey, Ph.D. Through their extensive backgrounds in RTI and RTI2, you will learn how to implement these cutting-edge programs school-wide, and help your students succeed in and out of school. This comprehensive information is conveyed in a concise, reader-friendly format that walks educators through the complete RTI and RTI2 implementation process in classrooms and school-wide. School leaders will benefit from the practical, how-to guide and reproducible material for the instruction and development of collaborative teams. Teachers will be able to use the numerous research-based academic and behavioral interventions to improve learning in all subject areas and classroom environments. In addition, you will learn techniques and valuable insight as to how classroom instruction and supplemental intervention can mirror each other in both content and purpose.

This comprehensive course offers an accurate and accessible reference tool, written in plain English, which gives the education professional the accessible strategies they need to provide students with individualized support, high-quality instruction, and effective interventions. This timely and comprehensive overview of RTI and RTI2 is presented in such a user-friendly and insightful format that you will not only benefit from the knowledge, but will be anxious to put this information into practice within your classroom, subject area, and/or school.

a. Understand the distinctions and benefits of RTI and RTI2
b. Benefit from the wisdom and experience as these experts walk educators through the complete RTI and RTI2 implementation processes
c. Learn the progress monitoring and universal screening basics
d. Absorb information about the current research and information of tiered instruction in action
e. Understand the various team responsibilities in order to help you design, implement, and/or serve on a RTI and/or RTI2 team
f. Learn the techniques for differentiating instruction
g. Benefit from the knowledge gained from the numerous examples and forms that schools need to implement their programs
h. Gain insight into RTI2's plans of seeking to capitalize on the RTI approach as a means of continually examining classroom instructional design
i. Understand the benefits and techniques of having classroom instruction and supplemental intervention mirror each other in content and purpose
j. Benefit from the knowledge and tools necessary to implement a cohesive RTI2 system that helps students learn by proactively addressing their needs
k. Gain insight into the research-based interventions for literacy and math
l. Learn how to assess your own classroom instruction
m. Explore information about how to strengthen existing school improvement efforts within an RTI2 framework
n. Learn how to utilize systematic feedback to raise student achievement
o. Understand the benefits of data collection, fidelity of implementation, and professional development
p. Learn how to maintain RTI and RTI2 models to not only promote active student learning, but a culture of excellence at all levels of instruction

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*Inclusive Classroom Teaching

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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