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A Comprehensive and Contemporary Look at School Law

Course #: EDUC_716B

Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

Complicated and potentially damaging, are the legal issues that school principals, administrators, and teachers handle and resolve on a daily basis. These issues are complex on so many levels because they not only affect the lives of the students and education professionals, but the school community as well. This comprehensive information is vital given the myriad of statutes and legal decisions affecting the daily teaching experience, which includes the many pitfalls awaiting the unwary within our litigious-oriented modern world. In this course, learn how to manage a proactive approach of providing first-rate education and operations, while minimizing legal risks that includes respecting the legal rights of students and teachers.

Through the outstanding research of the highly-respected law experts, Dennis R. Dunklee, Ph.D., and Robert J. Shoop, Ph.D., learn how to translate school law into practice. Information is conveyed in a concise, reader-friendly format that includes references to landmark court cases, programmatic guidance, management cues, risk management guidelines, and a comprehensive index. Material focuses on such areas as preventative law, technology concerns and laws, search and seizure, state-created danger and deliberate indifference, sexual harassment, the school and the legal environment, No Child Left Behind Act, human resources issues, teachers' rights, students' rights, special education laws and services, student records, athletics and after-school activities, communication, copyright law, school safety, program management, community relations, tort liability and negligence. This comprehensive course offers an accurate and accessible reference tool, written in plain English, which gives the education professional the invaluable information they need to do their job while reducing liability, litigation and other potential legal tangles.

Obtain hands-on school law knowledge and insight to be able to minimize site-based risk while respecting the legal rights of students, staff, and parents. This timely and extensive overview of school law is presented and examined in such a user-friendly and insightful format that you will not only benefit from the knowledge but be anxious to put this information into practice.

a. Understand the relationship between the school and the legal environment, including information about clauses, amendments, Supreme Court rulings, school finance, federal statutes affecting education, the legal status of school choices, and workers' compensation.
b. Gain insight into the importance of preventative law that includes suggestions to develop risk and crisis management programs.
c. Learn about state-created danger and deliberate indifference.
d. Absorb information regarding the No Child Left Behind Act and its implications on local schools.
e. Explore information about special education law including the principal's responsibility, key terminology, principles, and procedures.
f. Obtain knowledge about copyright law, public domain, and the school-sponsored Internet.
g. Understand constitutional and statutory foundations of staff selection, contracting, and evaluation including equal employment, staff selection, negligent hiring, defamation, referencing, and performance evaluations.
h. Gain knowledge and insight about students' rights and student discipline including symbolic, oral, and written expression, technology issues, rights of assembly, zero tolerance, exclusion, and search and seizure.
i. Learn about responsibilities concerning program management including bilingual and special language programs, religion, and health and safety
j. Obtain information about the law of torts and the concept of negligence as applied to expected duty and standards of care.
k. Learn how to effectively communicate with media regarding any positive or negative issues within your school.
l. Gain knowledge about academic issues involving testing, participation in extracurricular activities, and student records.
m. Obtain information about sexual harassment including a school's liability, as well as prevention and defense measures.
n. Gain information about teachers' rights including information about their constitutional rights, terms, and conditions of employment.
o. Obtain knowledge and insight on how to balance issues concerning school order with the ability to provide a proper education while respecting the legal rights of students, parents, and teachers.

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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