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Abraham Lincoln: The Principled President

Course #: EDUC_715N

Semester Credits: 3
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This course traces the personal, political, and moral evolution of one of our most respected and admired Presidents. Learn about the American martyr who valued his principles above all, even if it meant taking an unpopular stance. His moral compass guided his incredible character and integrity; and is the primary reason why after signing the Emancipation Proclamation, he stated his certainty about doing the right thing. In addition, gain a unique understanding and appreciation for his lifelong thirst for knowledge and his artistry as a speechwriter and orator.

Gain insight into Lincoln’s personal and professional triumphs, tragedies, and sacrifices, in the years before and within the White House. Relive history through his eyes as he dealt with the complex moral issues surrounding America’s darkest hours as our union was not only divided but at war with itself.

Gain intimate insight into Lincoln’s everyday life as you experience his joy, fear, sorrow, and stress. His passions and philosophies are explored with such vibrancy that you will be anxious to share his tremendous life, vision, and legacy with your students.


  • Gain a unique perspective into Lincoln’s moral compass, which serves as the key to his life
  • Learn intimate details as to why he is so driven, whether as a schoolboy, Illinois legislator, lawyer, or President, to continuously grow in wisdom and self-knowledge.
  • Obtain a behind the scenes understanding of his political skills and philosophies.
  • Understand his passion for reading, contemplation, and debate of current issues, as well as ones affecting previous and future generations.
  • Learn firsthand about his religious odyssey that deepens through the years.
  • Gain an appreciation for his desire to reach perfection in his skills as a speechwriter and orator.
  • Understand why he became such a hands-on commander in chief, including insights into his many frustrations, sacrifices, and fears in dealing with his generals and other Civil War issues.
  • Obtain a first-hand glimpse into the man who struggles with the immorality of slavery and who as President, acts publicly and privately to outlaw it forever.

This course is applicable towards the following certificate:
*Early American History for the Classroom

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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