Coaching Baseball

Educators and coaches from every experience level will be excited to gain a deeper understanding of how to coach baseball. Students will learn the fundamentals of baseball, how to organize practices, prepare their athletes for games, identify and correct common mistakes, and develop a better understanding of this beloved sport. Resources are provided for pitching mechanics, individual and team drills, sportsmanship, how to organize tryouts, and much more. Let’s play ball!

Course Name: Coaching Baseball

Course Number: KINE 712

Semester Credits: 3

Course Description

Coaching Baseball is based on the idea that fundamentals, when broken down into several parts, should guide the athlete through a step-by-step learning process. Once the skills have been learned and mastered, each player will develop a refined, highly skilled understanding of this sport.  This course leads the educator and coach through all phases of coaching baseball, including fundamentals of pitching to mechanics,  individual drills to group drills,  organizing tryouts, sports law, and much more.


  • The coach will gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of the sport.
  • The coach will gain a better understanding of the philosophy of organizing practice.
  • The coach will develop application and integration from information gathered from the course materials.
  • The coach will identify and argue controversial baseball topics.

Course Contents

  • Organizing baseball practice
  • Warm-ups
  • Individual Drills
  • Team defense
  • Pitcher defense
  • Base running
  • Conditioning
  • Scheduling
  • Pitching
  • Concepts of hitting
  • Attitude
  • Stance
  • Common mistakes
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Sports law for coaches
  • Negligence
  • Supervision
  • Planning
  • Warning of risks of activities
  • Safe environment
  • Injury or incapacity
  • Matching and equating participants
  • First aid and emergency medical procedure
  • Player, official, and spectator rights
  • Record keeping and insurance

Evidence of Learning Outcomes

Upon completing Coaching Baseball, the student will have gained knowledge and a solid foundation of the fundamentals of baseball. Students will demonstrate critical-thinking skills and be able to incorporate their newly learned techniques into their team or physical education curriculum. Students will be able to readily apply the information they gathered about individual and group drills, organizing tryouts, pitching mechanics, and other related proficiencies. 

How to Register

Registration is simple and can be done online or over the phone. Courses are offered ongoing during three semesters, and enrollees may begin at any time. Students may choose to enroll in up to a maximum of 15-semester credits at any time during a semester.

 Fall: September 1 - January 31

Spring: February 1 - May 31

Summer: June 1 - August 31


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