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Implementing Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Course #: EDUC_718W

Semester Credits: 3
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Teachers and school personnel face the challenge of providing a safe and positive learning environment for their students. When students have their physical and emotional needs met, they can thrive in their academic studies. However, many students come to school with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), such as abuse, poverty, divorce, and other social and mental traumas. A student that suffers from ACEs may have a challenging time focusing on their lessons and managing their emotions and behaviors. For these children, school may be the only place they have exposure to social and emotional skills in a secure and comfortable environment.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process of teaching someone how to manage emotions effectively, show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, make thoughtful decisions, manage behavior through impulse control, and much more. Brain-specific research further explains that teaching academic and SEL instruction concurrently allows students to perform better in social interactions and achieve higher grades. Students are more likely to be healthier and well-adjusted individuals. Through engaging texts, you will learn how to bring SEL into your school and classroom to foster teacher-family-student partnerships.

This essential and timely course offers specific strategies for implementing a successful SEL program applicable to all grade levels. Educators will learn how to track student progress and make necessary adjustments for those with diverse needs. This course will soon become your go-to resource for creating a supportive and thriving classroom environment for yourself and your students!

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*Health and Human Development

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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