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Practical Strategies for Teaching Online

Course #: EDUC_718V

Semester Credits: 3
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Distance learning, virtual education, Zoom classrooms, or hybrid instruction are all terms we hear on a daily basis. In fact, you are probably currently immersed in your own distance learning or hybrid classroom. While this type of teaching might have started as crisis teaching and not distance learning, you are still an influential teacher. You can make a difference in your students’ lives, no matter the location of the learning environment.

However, this change brings the added challenges of ensuring you are reaching all students, including the traditionally compromised students, such as English learners and students living in poverty. You will need to leverage your tried-and-true teaching skills and adopt technology to provide targeted supports for all students. You must keep on target with your school’s learning targets and standards. How will you accomplish these seemingly daunting tasks and maintain your positive mindset?

In this course, you will receive essential hands-on tools and evidence-based strategies to equip you to deliver an effective distance learning environment for your students. You will be able to lead your students through a successfully executed school year, regardless of the grade level you teach. You will also develop positive teacher-student relationships, build credibility with your students and parents, prepare assessments, and meet your learning targets. Additional topics include a wide variety of instructional approaches through synchronous and asynchronous learning, discussion of equity challenges related to distance learning, how to reduce busywork, prioritize curriculum that engages students, and much more.

Through this course, you will develop skills in keeping a positive mindset, manage your workload and workspace while teaching from home, and cultivate a class community that allows students to engage and thrive.

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*Teaching in the Online Classroom

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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