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Human Development: Current Research

Course #: EDUC_716Z

Semester Credits: 3

Cost: $375.00

It is important to understand to some degree how we as human beings develop through the life span. Current Issues in Human Development addresses issues relating to the physical, cognitive, and psychological changes we encounter as we pass through life, from genetic and prenatal influences on development to development during middle and late adulthood. Topics covered include current and future technologies, maternal and childhood obesity, vaccinations, cognition, early learning, family and culture, adolescence and young adulthood, depression, surviving illness, the aging brain, healthy aging, and caregiving.


  • Become familiar with up-to-date information by presenting current topics of information based on scientific evidence.
  • Become familiar with current topics relating to development during infancy and early childhood.
  • Recognize the reasons for the decline in creativity in children today.
  • Understand development during childhood as it relates to cognition, schooling, family and culture.
  • Be familiar with a wide variety of issues concerning adolescents and young adults.
  • Understand the special challenges of late adulthood.

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*Health and Human Development

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