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Universal Literacy: Maximizing Learning and Comprehension

Course #: EDUC_716T

Semester Credits: 3

Cost: $375.00

With increasing demands on what our students need to know, today's teachers have to be ready to provide literacy instruction and support throughout the school day - not just in Reading and Language Arts. Students must be able to strategically grapple with all texts as thoughtful, engaged readers and learners. Although many teachers feel underprepared to take on the task of teaching content area literacy, this course will provide teachers with an understanding of why content experts are best equipped to show students how to navigate subject-specific texts. The universal literacy strategies provided can be applied to any grade level or subject area; from an elementary teacher trying to figure out how to bring literacy to science lessons, to a high school World History teacher wondering how to get the most out of an already too-short class period. Teachers will also become familiar with numerous ready-to-use content area literacy tools they can bring back to their classrooms (and colleagues) for immediate use.

Professional development courses for teachers.

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