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Galaxies, Stars and Planets

Course #: EDUC_710S

Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

Throughout history, man has looked to the sky and gazed in wonder at the sun, moon, and stars. Early astronomers were fascinated by the relationships between the sun and Earth, how the planets move and how the universe was created. This course tells the story of astronomical discoveries about space, time, and the physics of the cosmos, guiding the reader chronologically through the history and significance of the major discoveries. Topics range from ancient speculations about the nature of the universe, through the Copernican revolutions, to mind-boggling theories about dark energy, black holes, and cosmic expansion. The book details technological breakthroughs and profiles key astronomers and their discoveries. Every major astronomical idea and discovery from planets and stars to black holes and the Big Bang is placed in the context of our increasing knowledge about our universe.

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Semester Credits: 3
Cost: $375.00

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