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Welcome to our brand new Student Reviews section! We have created this space for students to provide their thoughts regarding Professional Development Courses from the University of La Verne. Please use this informative peer review resource as a tool to help you select your next Professional Development Course.

If you are a returning student, we would love to hear from you! Please click the submission form above to let us know about your experiences with our program or any of our 200+ courses. Your feedback is invaluable to your fellow educators, as well as our professors and staff, and is an integral part of the course review and creation processes.


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12/02/2016 General Review John N/A

Courses are outstanding, organized appropriately for teachers. Materials can be used in the classroom. ...

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07/26/2016 EDUC_711C - Effective Character Education Joan

This was a great course. Both books were very interesting, and all and assignments were very reasonable. ...

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05/25/2016 EDUC_714A - Personal Motivation & Maintaining a Positive Attitude in the Classroom Andrea

This was a great class to take some time and focus on me, what I want and how I can achieve more. ...

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03/21/2016 General Review Kyle N/A

The courses are great. I actually find myself doing about three to four times the reading and work necessary to complete the course because ...

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10/29/2015 General Review Daron N/A

The professional development courses through the University of Laverne has allowed me to not only keep up to date with current issues, but it has ...

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10/25/2015 EDUC_717E - Creating a Google Apps Classroom Travis

The courses are informative and straight forward. You get what you need instead of a lot of paper pushing. I have taken two courses from ...

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07/29/2015 EDUC_712Z - Understanding Autism Sue

Highly recommend the course. ...

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07/26/2015 EDUC_715U - The Universe Revolves Around ME!! Narcissism Inside and Outside the Classroom Lynette

I found the book very easy to read and incredibly informative. I highly recommend this course as it gives good tips/suggestions to help your ...

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06/24/2015 EDUC_715J - Extraordinary and Enterprising Females of the American Revolution Kimberly

I will take another course here. I enjoyed the experience of not having to attend a class, but work at my own pace. ...

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06/02/2015 EDUC_711Y - Adolescent Psychology: Current Research Christine

Great class. ...

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05/31/2015 EDUC_716J - Visit an Art Museum Liz

This was a very fun course, since I enjoy going to museums anyway. It made me focus on the museum and its holdings in a ...

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05/18/2015 EDUC_716D - 21st Century Skills: Preparing Students for a Successful Future Tim

Very good course with many helpful tips and ideas to use in the 21st Century classroom. ...

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03/16/2015 EDUC_713K - The Differentiated Classroom Tiffani

When I need to renew, I will consider LaVerne again...thank you! ...

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02/26/2015 EDUC_714K - Drawing to Enhance Learning Thia

I was extremely pleased with all aspects of this course. The materials included a book and DVD which were sent in the mail, and I ...

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02/06/2015 EDUC_711W - Visit A Desert Biome sarah

The desert biome course is amazing because it takes you outside the textbook and into the field with your camera. At the end, you end ...

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01/12/2015 EDUC_712Z - Understanding Autism Laura

I am very pleased to have taken this online course through the University of La Verne's PDC. ...

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01/06/2015 EDUC_715H - Making Poetry Relevant to Students Karen

This class was helpful and the textbooks contained a good variety of poems. I enjoyed working at my own pace and found the assignments thoughtful. ...

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12/08/2014 EDUC_711Y - Adolescent Psychology: Current Research Greg

Overall, this is a very good course for anyone looking to review major facets of adolescent psychology. Additionally, the textbook itself offers additional resources ...

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11/28/2014 EDUC_716B - A Comprehensive and Contemporary Look at School Law Greg

This course makes the world of school law interesting and understandable. It is applicable to my everyday teaching. The texts, however, really earned ...

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11/17/2014 EDUC_710V - Drugs: Licit and Illicit melissa

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The content was very interesting and informative. It almost makes me want to pursue a career in law enforcement! The ...

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11/11/2014 General Review Christine N/A

I really enjoy taking classes on line at my own pace. I feel the books I have been given to read are from the best ...

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11/11/2014 General Review Donna N/A

Absolutely love what you do. Your courses are not only readily available, but also wonderfully affordable! I work in a Catholic school and ...

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11/10/2014 EDUC_710B - I'm So Stressed I Could Scream! Anna

This course will be very valuable to my teaching since it has taught me how to prioritize my time in order to not feel anxious ...

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11/06/2014 EDUC_716L - Cyber Bullying:Strategies for Balance and Safety Lyn

I LOVED this class. It was informative, easy to read and understand and had a plethora of great ideas to use in school. ...

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07/07/2016 EDUC_712O - Bullying Joan

Great course! ...

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