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Bridging the Culture and Poverty Gap in Education

Course #: EDUC_716G

Semester Credits: 3

Cost: $375.00

This comprehensive course offers an accurate and accessible reference tool which gives the education professional the background and accessible strategies they need to provide students with individualized support, high-quality instruction, and effective programs that help teachers build on students' assets and strengths rather than perceived disadvantages. This timely and comprehensive course is presented in such a user-friendly and insightful format that you will not only benefit from the knowledge, but will be anxious to put this information into practice within your classroom, subject area, consulting practice, and/or school.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, or educational consultant, you will benefit from the outstanding research and experience of the highly-respected education experts, Eric Jensen, Donna Walker Tileston, Ph.D. and Sandra K. Darling, Ph.D. Through their extensive backgrounds in brain research, education, curriculum alignment, transformational leadership and school improvement, learn how to implement a comprehensive set of instructional strategies and motivational tools to make a significant impact in student learning when diverse cultures and poverty come into play. These proven, cutting-edge strategies and techniques help these students succeed in and out of school. This comprehensive framework is conveyed in a concise, reader-friendly format that walks educators through the philosophies, research, and strategies behind this approach.

a. Understand and appreciate the role of culture and poverty in the classroom; and learn how to translate this knowledge into specific activities and effective strategies to ensure higher student achievement
b. Absorb information about the brain's desire to learn with particular applications to students of diverse populations and poverty
c. Benefit from current research and information regarding working effectively with different student populations to ensure higher student achievement in today's diverse classroom
d. Learn techniques so that we no longer talk about change while maintaining a philosophy of excuses
e. Understand what poverty is and how it affects students in school including information about the importance of these students' resiliency
f. Learn why some cultures are "turned off" by typical motivational approaches and what educators can do to reach these students
g. Gain insight on how teachers can build on students' prior knowledge and help forge new connections particularly those from poverty and diverse cultures
h. Learn how to effectively teach procedural and declarative knowledge and to prepare students for high-stakes tests
i. Gain an appreciation for the effective methods of how to engage the resources necessary to make change happen within today's diverse classrooms
j. Benefit from the knowledge that shines a spotlight on how to enrich the minds and lives of all students, no matter their economic status or cultural backgrounds

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*Motivation and Classroom Management

*Instructing and Supporting English Language Learners

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