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Franklin D. Roosevelt: Man of Vision and Inspiration

Course #: EDUC_715Y

Semester Credits: 3

Cost: $375.00

From his radio fireside chats heard in living rooms to the pictures of him that hung proudly on their walls, millions of Americans admired the man named Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was a president who restored hope to our country, led the nation during its greatest war, championed for the common man, and is considered to be of the caliber of our Founding Fathers and Lincoln. In this course learn about the complex man from aristocratic beginnings with an exuberant personality who reached out to an adoring public while carefully hiding his paralysis and unconventional marriage from the world. Gain insight into the life of one of the best loved, most hated, most influential, and most enigmatic personalities of modern America.

a. Gain an appreciation and understanding as to why this twentieth-century president is consistently ranked by historians with the Founding Fathers and Lincoln
b. Obtain a behind the scenes look at his political skills and philosophies which guided him throughout his three plus terms in the White House
c. Learn how he overcame his polio challenges and how he never let it deter him from achieving his personal and professional goals
d. Gain insight as to why a man with an aristocratic beginning championed relentlessly for the common man
e. Learn intimate details that reveal why Roosevelt was so complex and guarded while portraying an exuberant personality to the outside world
f. Gain insight into his leadership skills that led this country through the dark hours of the Depression and World War II.
g. Relive his historical presidency where he won an unprecedented four presidential elections
h. Understand why his radio fireside chats were heard in millions while his picture hung on the walls of their homes and businesses.
i. Learn intimate details about the complexities of his personal life including details of his unconventional marriage and relationship with Lucy Mercer
j. Learn how he championed through his New Deal Initiatives in order to lead the way for economic recovery from the Depression
k. Gain insight and appreciation of Eleanor, his champion and representative to the outside world

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