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    Author Name: Susan Winebrenner

    Posted: October 30, 2019

    Course: EDUC 711H Teaching Gifted and Talented Students


    Susan Winebrenner wrote the following paragraph about her book Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom. Her book is currently used in the course, EDUC 711H Teaching Gifted and Talented Students.

    People often ask me, "Don't you miss teaching?"  My obvious reply is, "But I am still teaching!  The only difference is that my current "students" are educators and parents of gifted students."

    It excites me beyond description to realize that every teacher who uses my strategies, such as those at Professional Development Courses from the University of La Verne, allows me to impact far more students than I ever could have been able to reach as a classroom teacher or gifted program coordinator.  So, I am deeply grateful to all those people your college educates on this topic for helping my ideas reach kids and parents who need this information now, more than ever, because of the shifting policies about how to "do" gifted education.

    Over the years, I have been criticized for wanting to open access to "gifted" learning opportunities to far more students than just those formally identified as gifted. I am exceedingly grateful to observe that techniques we may have formerly "saved" for those whose exceptional learning abilities were easier to spot and support are becoming accessible to any students who might be able to benefit from such interventions as compacting, differentiation, connecting required standards to self-chosen topics for independent study, and increased access to cluster grouping models and practices.  I choose this truth as my proudest legacy, and always welcome contact from people who want to share their "success stories" with me by email or other technology-supported platforms. So please accept my thanks to all of you, without whom my impact on gifted students and their families may not have been realized.

    All the best,

    Susan Winebrenner

    Thank you for offering this course and Teaching Gifted and Talented Girls. It is so important that we meet the needs of our gifted students.
    commented by Sandra - November 15, 2019


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