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The Genetics Revolution: Discovering the Secrets of Life

Course #: EDUC_714V

Semester Credits: 3

Cost: $345.00

This course chronicles the genetic revolution. From Mendel, DNA, double helix, RNA, human genome, stem cells, gene therapy, and the origins of modern man all life is connected via its DNA/RNA. This course follows the early history of genetics to the discovery of DNA and the double helix. From these discoveries the secrets of life are revealed enhancing our understanding of evolution, natural selection, and the unity of all living things.

Chapters are devoted to customizing DNA or "playing God"; drugs, dollars and the rise of biotechnology; genetically modified agriculture crops; Human Genome Project; DNA fingerprinting; evolution in action; our human past and genetic diseases. The course questions "Who We Are" in the context of modern science and the "Nature versus Nurture" controversy.

Finally, like all things human, politics and religion have played a central role in hindering and facilitating the development and application of the knowledge gleamed from the genetics revolution. Future discoveries leading to our understanding the genetic basis for behavior will add to unresolved social, ethical, and moral issues. DNA, the instruction book for creating life, can be used to clarify our position in the natural world or used to fragment society.

This course is applicable towards the following certificate(s):
*Basic Biology for the Classroom

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