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    Author Name: Todd Whitaker

    Posted: March 4, 2019

     Course: EDUC 712X Understanding and Dealing with Difficult Parents


    Todd Whitaker wrote the following paragraphs about his and Douglas J. Fiore’s book, Dealing with Difficult Parents, which is used in the course EDUC 712X Understanding and Dealing with Difficult Parents.

    Do you have parents that you just dread dealing with? When they call on the phone, walk into your classroom, or you see them in the office, do you get a sinking feeling? Do you ever have to deliver bad news to nice parents? This book is designed to provide valuable tools for educators to deal with hostile parents, build relations with all parents, and learn new techniques that can help you effectively deliver tough news in a positive manner. You will develop skills which will allow you and everyone in your organization to be more effective in dealing with these most challenging people.

    You will learn specific language to defuse the toughest situation. There are scripts to assist in starting every conversation. Confidence is the most valuable gift we can have, and this book is designed to fill your toolbox with immediately applicable approaches for every situation with parents. Good reading and good luck! -- Todd Whitaker

    I learned so much from this course. Great to see the authors are now providing personalized information about their books! Way to go, PDC!
    commented by Michelle - March 5, 2019


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