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    Author Name: Dr. David A. Sousa, Ed.D.

    Posted: January 15, 2019

    Course(s): EDUC 718B The Special Needs Brain: Helping it Learn, EDUC 717S Making Math Meaningful, Maybe Marvelous!, EDUC 718A How the ELL Brain Learns, EDUC 717W How the Brain Learns to Read: Decoding, Comprehension, and Motivation, and EDUC 718C Understanding and Teaching the Rewired Brain



    My name is Dr. David A. Sousa, and I am pleased that my texts are used in courses offered at Professional Development Courses at the University of La Verne. For more than 20 years, I have studied and implemented ways to translate brain research into educational practice. After all, teachers try to change the human brain every day. So the more they know about how the brain learns, the more successful they can be. The university recognizes the importance of including in its courses the findings from brain research. I have provided the following paragraphs about my books that are intended to be useful to teachers who take these courses.


    EDUC 718B The Special Needs Brain: Helping it Learn

    How the Special Needs Brain Learns, 3rd Edition: Brain research continues to reveal insights into the problems that can arise when people learn. I wrote this book to assist K-12 teachers in understanding the various categories of learning difficulties that affect students with special needs. I included important information, suggestions, and classroom-tested strategies that teachers can use to address different disabilities and to help these students become successful and motivated learners. Dr. David A. Sousa, Ed.D.


    EDUC 717S Making Math Meaningful, Maybe Marvelous!

    How the Brain Learns Mathematics, 2nd Edition: K-12 teachers often hear students say, “I can’t do math,” but seldom hear them say, “I can’t do language.” Yet both capabilities are pre-wired in the young brain. In this book, I explain in plain language how the student’s neural networks process mathematics. With this information, I suggest instructional strategies teachers can use that allow students to clearly understand and apply mathematical concepts. Dr. David A. Sousa, Ed.D.


    EDUC 718A How the ELL Brain Learns

    How the ELL Brain Learns: As the number of ELL students in K-12 classrooms continues to grow, teachers face the challenge of understanding their language needs. This book presents research on how ELL students learn a new language and offers research-based suggestions that teachers can use to develop instructional strategies to successfully meet those needs. I also include important new research findings that help teachers identify and support ELL students with learning disabilities. Dr. David A. Sousa, Ed.D.


    EDUC 717W How the Brain Learns to Read: Decoding, Comprehension, and Motivation

    How the Brain Learns to Read, 2nd Edition: Reading is probably the most difficult learning task we ask an individual’s brain to do. Using the latest findings from brain research, I explain in this book how young brains learn to make sense of printed language and how teachers you can use this information to reach students of all ages and skill levels. I included a chapter on how to teach for comprehension and one on strategies for helping students with dyslexia and older struggling readers master subject-area content. Dr. David A. Sousa, Ed.D.


    EDUC 718C Understanding and Teaching the Rewired Brain

    Engaging the Rewired Brain: Recent research suggests that children’s brains are being rewired by their constant interaction with technology, leaving educators questioning how instruction needs to change to successfully teach these digital natives. In this book, I give teachers the tools they need to address the changes in students’ attention systems, memory networks, thinking processes, and social skills, and show them how to adapt instruction to keep students motivated to learn. I recommend strategies to determine whether, when, and how to use technology, and how to launch the type of classroom that engages the rewired brain. Dr. David A. Sousa, Ed.D.

    Thank you for providing these descriptions directly from the author! Definitely helps me feel a better sense of connection to the content.
    commented by Barbara - January 22, 2019

    I love Dr. Sousa!
    commented by Fran - January 22, 2019

    Very excited to read his texts! I'll be enrolling soon.
    commented by Lisa - January 22, 2019

    I have taken many courses from Professional Development Courses, and they have been invaluable to my teaching. Several courses have included David Sousa's books. Thank you for adding this blog with interesting and personal information to your offerings!! I look forward to reading future blogs!!!
    commented by Sandra K. - January 22, 2019

    I used this blog to help me make a decision on what course I should take. I love that I was able to read information directly from the author. Thank you!
    commented by Stephanie Frank - January 22, 2019

    David Sousa is one of my favorite authors!! Thank you for providing this information!!
    commented by Janeen - January 22, 2019


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